Posted on March 12th, 2021

Love Like This will go LIVE on Tuesday, March 23rd as part of the A Place to Belong Box Set. I'm so honored to be included in this collection of amazing novels! Be sure to one-click and grab your copy. It's available everywhere for just 99 cents! That's 12 full-length novels for under a dollar!

Click below to read Chapter 1 of my story, Love Like This. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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It doesn't officially release until midnight, but Rissa's Rebel Heart is LIVE on Kindle! Want to read the first chapter? You can! And, be sure to grab it while it's just .99¢ on Amazon!


Posted on July 23rd, 2019

Want to read an excerpt from Piece of My Heart? Be sure to pre-order your Kindle copy while it's on sale!

“Noah Alexander Murphy, who the hell do you think you are?”

Alexander?” Jesse cackles.

I stifle a grin. She’s pissed. I knew she would be. She should be. I hadn’t expected her to be so pissed that she’d show up on my doorstep, though. Amber was always a little spontaneous and unpredictable. She’s a firecracker, my dad used to say. Nice to see some things haven’t changed.

“I’m busy, Amber. Besides, we have nothing to say to each other.”

“Oh, I have plenty to say, and unless you want your stable boy over there to hear it, I suggest you send him to the barn.”

I lean back in my chair and let my gaze travel down her body. The diner uniform does absolutely nothing for her, but she’s still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Even when she’s mad.

“Jesse, will you give us a few minutes? Apparently, Amber has something on her mind.”

The boy’s eyes nearly bug out of their sockets. “This is Amber? Amber?”

My tone must get his attention, because he nods and sprints out the door.

Amber sighs loudly and takes a look around. As she walks closer to my desk, she notices the piles of invoices. They’re kind of hard to miss.

“This place looks like crap. Don’t you have a filing cabinet?”

“I have two, as a matter of fact. Let me guess. You’re here to apply for the office manager’s job.”

“You couldn’t afford me.”

I smirk. Yeah, she’s mad. I regretted what I said as soon as I said it. But, that doesn’t make it untrue, and it sure doesn’t mean I’m going to apologize.

“Oh, I don’t know. Seeing as you’re working for tips now, I think I could probably beat that.”

Her deep green eyes spit fire as she leans over me. Classic Amber, trying to be intimidating. All it’s doing is turning me on. Probably not the effect she’s going for.

“Do you remember the night Cedar Grove beat Chesterville in the state playoffs 35-0? And do you remember how mad I was when you got drunk with your buddies after the game?”

I remember. She flattened my truck’s tires and stole my keys. I also remember how fun it was making up in the hayloft the very next night.

“We live in the same town now, Noah. You apparently still like the diner since you’ve ordered lunch from there two days in a row. Tony was nice enough to hire me, so you and I are going to have to figure out a way to get along.”

“Or what?”

“Or you’re gonna have to find a new place to eat lunch.”

Her body’s closer now, and it’s taking every ounce of my self-restraint not to touch her. The fire in her eyes. The scent of her hair. It’s all the same, and it’s all beautiful.

“You embarrassed me in front of a customer. You got your cheap shot in, and that’s okay because I deserved it. But that’s all you get. One cheap shot. It better not happen again. If you ever walk into that diner again and humiliate me like you did today? Four flat tires will be the least of your worries.”

She leans away from me and heads for the door.

“And find yourself a secretary. This place looks like shit.”

Amber shoots me one last angry glare before walking out, slamming the door behind her. With a grin, I jump out of my chair and watch through the window as she stomps toward her car.