#SaturdaySnippet: Soldier On
Posted on April 9th, 2016

Today's Saturday Snippet comes from my novel, Soldier On.

Genre: New Adult/Military Romance
Cover by Jada D'Lee Designs
Book Trailer by Mountain Media

“Good afternoon and welcome to Women in Literature.”

I can feel their eyes on me—even the professor’s—and I know what they’re thinking.

Why would a guy take this course? He has to be in the wrong class.

I’m not.

Unfortunately, the stares continue, so my brilliant plan to sit in the back of class and take a much-needed nap is shot to hell. I can sleep anywhere, but I can’t sleep when I know I’m being watched.

I stifle a yawn and force myself to pay attention. My advisor had warned me that eighteen credit hours might be too much to handle, especially with my job at the coffee house and my 5:00 a.m. workouts, but I had ignored him and signed up for six classes anyway. And now, thanks to my one remaining humanities elective, I’m sitting in a Women’s lit class, surrounded by girls.

Okay, maybe that part’s not so bad.

The teacher drones as she goes over the syllabus. It doesn’t look too tough. I like to read, which is why I hadn’t complained when Mr. Ramirez, my advisor, suggested the course.

“It’s either this or another foreign language,” he’d said.

I’m already fluent in Spanish, German, and French. Do I really need to add another language to my résumé?

I glance around the room, and the girl to my right quickly turns her head away. I catch the slight blush of her cheeks.

I smirk. Busted.

She’s cute, with her Peyton College sweatshirt and ponytail. But she’s blonde. And tall. She also has a barbell in her ear. In other words, she’s not the girl from the New Year’s party, so I’m not interested at all.

That’s what I call her—the girl—because I’m an idiot and didn’t even ask for her name.

Like a man obsessed, I’ve searched in every class, stupidly hoping that by some cosmic coincidence she and I might have signed up for the same course. I had asked around after the party, but nobody could remember seeing a Disney princess in a yellow dress, which I still find unbelievable because she was the most interesting person there. She was pretty—not supermodel-like—but in a timeless, classic, girl-next-door way that’s always attracted me.

And I can’t forget the kiss.

I’ve had dreams about that kiss. Fantasies, really. So the fact that I haven’t been able to find her is sort of pissing me off.

The professor assigns the first five chapters of The Silence of Lambs, and the class groans appropriately.

Five chapters? I wonder if I can get away with just watching the movie again.

I make a mental note to check Netflix just as a flash of brown catches my eye in the front row.

No way.

She’s facing the teacher, so it’s impossible to tell. I stare at the back of her head, hoping she’ll feel the heat of my gaze and turn around.

Then she does.

Our eyes lock, and I can’t believe how pretty she is. Or that she’s sitting here, in my Women’s lit class.

Cosmic coincidence for the win.

“I love that movie,” she mouths.


I must look confused, because she points at her shirt. I glance down at my own. Pictured on the front is Mandy Patinkin, circa 1987, with the immortal words ‘Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya,’ printed along the bottom.

I’m so happy to see her that I’m ready to just rip the shirt over my head and give it to her . . .
but that’d probably be a little weird. Instead, I mouth “thanks,” and we keep grinning at each other until she turns back toward the professor.

Disappointment floods me. Does she even recognize me? Granted, my costume that night wasn’t very creative. It was a last minute invite, so I just grabbed what was handy, but maybe the black face paint was too much of a disguise.

Or maybe she hasn’t been thinking about me at all.

The thought makes me a little nuts, so I dismiss it and spend the rest of class staring at the back of her head and wondering how I’m going to properly introduce myself.

But when the teacher dismisses us, the girl is out the door and gone.

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