My Favorite Things Giveaway - Day 2
Posted on December 16th, 2016

Today in the My Favorite Things giveaway, we hear from Jennifer Locklear, Contemporary Romance author of Constellation!
Even before it was ever a thing, my family always made a point of watching “A Christmas Story” on TV. 

I first saw the movie in 1985.  My mother and I had just moved to Oregon a few months before and I was trying to adapt to a new life. She introduced me to the movie and we watched it together at home. She wanted me to see it because the premise reminded her quite a bit of her own childhood, but what we discovered was so much more than a walk down Memory Lane. We both laughed so much and it really helped make that first Christmas in our new surroundings a happy and memorable one.
We continued to watch “A Christmas Story” each December and it became a timeless classic for us even before the rest of world caught on.  It’s a film I never tire of and it has become a holiday tradition for our family in a big way. When TBS began broadcasting 24 hours of “A Christmas Story” years ago, our family made a commitment to go all in. Each and every year, from 5 PM on Christmas Eve until 5 PM on Christmas night, it is the only thing allowed on all the television sets in our house.  The TV’s even stay on all through the night, and inevitably one of us wakes up at 3 or 4 AM to catch a few scenes. Just because we can. You’d think we’d get tired of it after years and years and years of watching, but nope.
Each year, we seem to hone in on several different one liners from the film. Once a line has been singled out we play a game of trying to catch the line during as many screenings as possible. It’s not at all uncommon for one (or all of us) to randomly shout out things like …
“I’m not color blind either.”
“I triple dog dare you!”
“You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”
“It’s a clinker!”
“Shoot! I didn’t know dat. I thought it was a lamp!”
“Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”
“I like the Tin Man.”
This nostalgic and quirky movie suits our fun-loving family well. It gives us a chance to laugh together and it helps our family bridge one holiday season to another. There is never any suggestion of changing this Locklear family tradition, and after 30 years I doubt we ever could let a year go by without watching “A Christmas Story”.  
After all, it just wouldn’t be a proper holiday without electric sex gleaming in the window!
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