Piece of My Heart - Signed Copies Available!
Posted on July 17th, 2019

They say true love never fades.
I’ve spent the last decade, and a fortune in paint, making sure of it.

Amber Tucker never dreamed she’d return to Cedar Grove, but when she finally finds the courage to leave her abusive husband, she knows her old hometown is her only option. Desperate for a new life, Amber takes her ten-year-old son and moves in with her aunt. She prays for a fresh start while hoping to avoid her childhood sweetheart—the man whose heart she broke nearly a decade ago.

Noah Murphy has spent the last ten years trying to forget Amber Tucker. He’s had a hard time letting go—as evidenced by the big red heart on his farm’s grain silo. Noah painted it when he was sixteen and crazy in love, and every spring, he gives the heart a fresh coat of paint. It’s all he has left—the only reminder that Amber was real.

That is, until she returns to Cedar Grove.

When her husband comes calling, Amber knows she has to break the cycle of abuse, once and for all. But, when she takes matters into her own hands, can Noah protect her from the consequences of her actions? Or, will he lose her all over again?

Piece of My Heart will be available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited on July 26th in ebook and paperback format. Signed paperbacks are available for $15 (price includes US shipping). Please note that paperbacks may not ship until after release day. You may pre-order your paperback below:

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